Dissolver No. 7

For fans of:Willie Nelson, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, My Morning Jacket, Hog Mountain Bros., Josh Garrels

Cosmic Country, Southern Rock, and Gospel collide in this Georgia-based project founded by singer/songwriter Jerry Akin, who has previously written for and produced Innocent Ivey, The Hog Mountain Brothers, and Atomic Sun.

After reclaiming his roots in Americana music, Akin began to openly muse about life, death, pain, love, and faith. The result was a writing tear that his left him with a very large backlog of songs. In 2014, he launched his own label, DixiePhonic Records, and started recording all original material from his Southern Mystic Studios.

Sometimes a rebel, always a maverick, Akin kicks back against mainstream country music trends, and even though he frequently recalls outlaw country and roots-based rock and roll styles, he is never afraid to experiment, sometimes combining unusual sounds, backward tape loops, or other unworldly noises in an otherwise traditional-sounding production. This unique sound reflects Akin's personal motto, "Rooted in the earth, reaching for the heavens." With this philosophy, Dissolver No. 7 reminds us that life is both a raw, tangible, human experience as well as a spiritual journey that leads us into awe and mystery.