Jiana Wessel

For fans of:Nox Arcana, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Emilie Autumn, Nightwish

From the coastal blue waters of South Florida, America comes the singing siren and songwriter Jiana Wessel. Fans have called her the Dragon Queen and described her voice as beautiful, haunting and delicate like “crystals” similar to Sarah Brightman and yet it can also be dark like Amy Lee. Jiana Wessel is a symphonic-metal artistic with an Operatic and Gothic twist! Jiana calls her fans Dragons and uses the Dragon as a symbol of empowerment in her community which she calls “The legion of dragons”!

“We Are Fire” is Jiana’s original debut E.P. released on September 17, 2017! The record is Symphonic-Metal with an Operatic and Gothic twist. This record is a story of coming of age, of realizing who you are and owning it proudly! The first single of the original EP is called Gothic March, released on Bandcamp on 6/6/17 and now available on all digital stores! The song Gothic March is about owning your own individuality and standing proud of who you are even if it makes you an outcast. For your own uniqueness is what makes you powerful!

In February of 2016, Jiana released her debut single “Hello” a cover song from Evanescence. On this song, she demonstrated her ability to sing low as well as high. Considering that she came from a high soprano opera repertoire, this song was a challenge met with success. Later in December that year of 2016, she released her cover EP Rock and Metal Muses, where she paid tribute to her muses of rock and Metal. The EP Rock and Metal Muses had covers of the songs Forgiven and Memories by Within Temptation, Hello by Evanescence and Sleeping Sun by Nightwish.

When writing her music she sets out to touch people’s hearts and remind them that they’re not alone in their struggles. Jiana aims to empower people and make a difference in her music. Her music is for the goths, rebels, outcasts, misfits, heathens, pagans, lesbians, gays, transgenders, and anyone else who feels out of place in society. She reminds them that there’s a dragon within in them! She is an avid of human rights, equal rights, social rights, the feminist movement, religious tolerance, environmental protection and animal rights.

Nothing excites her more than doing what she does best; performing and creating music! When she’s not singing, writing lyrics, practicing or working on future music material. You’ll find her painting, drawing, cooking, exercising and living vibrantly through her plant-based lifestyle. You can reach her by email at music@jianawessel.com, or Facebook.