Joe Leonard

For fans of:Maze, D'Angelo, Cameo

Joe Leonard learned how to play the Bass guitar at the age of 4, playing with his dad, while neighbors watched through the windows. His interest didn't stop there. while playing for the church, Joe also learned to play the Drums and the Organ.

Born in Port Lavaca, Texas, he later moved to Detroit, Michigan. This proved to be very beneficial in the young musicians life. This move allowed Joe to spend countless hours in the presence of such Motown greats such as the late Bobby Womack(Guitarist and vocalist) and his brother Kicker Womack(Keyboardist), Norma Jean Bell(Saxophonist), Roosevelt Leaks(Guitarist), Ted Mills(Saxophonist), Ben Baber(Jazz Organist) and a host of others. Joe turned that exposure of such great musical talent into motivation. Mark May(Guitarist & vocalist) and Nathan Thomas(Guitarist from 30 plus years back was a real driving force in where Joe is today. Mark & Nathan provided encouragement and coaching. With M. May, Joe learned to express what he felt through his instrument and still progressing today.

Joe has been rewarded the opportunity to grace the stage with Kicker Womack, Ben Baber, Ronnie Sandelin, Billy Soul Bonds, Lady Audrey, Ms. Bekkah, The Superior Band, Kenne Wayne, Andre Lee, Big Pokey Bear and Nellie Tiger Travis.

Joe Leonard & The Southern Soul Band was formed in June 2012. Their debut CD, "On The Way Up" released in 2013, featured such hits as "Black Cat Bone" and "Come Here Baby". Now, they are back with their 2nd CD "Mystery Lady" released in July 2014. This anxiously awaited CD includes such hits as "Mystery Lady", "Let Me Talk To You Baby" and "Down On The Bayou".

Joe's latest release and single is " BOO THANG" is rolling and making waves.

All Joe's music is available most online stores such as, CDBABY, ITUNES, AMAZON, SPOTIFY and many other online music stores.