Joe Monaghan

For fans of:Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Noel Gallagher, Paul Simon

It's easy to get to know Joe Monaghan, just by listening to the lyrics of his songs. Joe shows us where he is coming from with songs like,
"Change the World" or the unapologetic "Set it Free". Joe is from a blue collar background, "I spent years laying brick for a living, my music
is what keeps me going". He is from Glasgow Scotland, and eventually made his way to Chicago. With guitar in hand, he hasn't missed a beat.
"I just try to be myself when I'm writing my songs, honest and true".
Joe Monaghan's music is guitar based melodic rock, with a unique harmonic style. His songs differ in style and mood, from 'Curtain Call'
all the way through to the upbeat, positive, 'Sunshine'. Joe is a multi-instrumentalist, so everything you hear in any song is all Joe. All songs written by and all vocals too.
His most recent EPs, 'Ad Astra' released earlier this year and 'SET IN STONE' just newly released!!
He is currently working on a new CD called 'TOP OF THE WORLD' out soon!

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