John Mitchell & Sofie Jonsson

Homeland Insecurity

Homeland Insecurity by John Mitchell & Sofie Jonsson
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For fans of:Dougie MacLean, Dick Gaughan, Fairport Convention
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  1. The Blacksmith
  2. Will ye go lassie go
  3. Johnny Cope
  4. Flower of Scotland
  5. Boys of Bedlam
  6. Auld lang syne
  7. What if God
  8. Caledonia
  9. Rattlin' Roarin' Willie
  10. Green grow the rushes
  11. Leaving Carolina
  12. Fear a' Bha?ta
Tip the Artist $10 Suggested Tip

UPDATE ON 6 MARCH 2017: On Friday morning, Cindy lost her fight against cancer...... She was such a wonderful person and musician, and she will be greatly missed..... We are so happy to have this album to share with you, because a part of Cindy will live on in her beautiful music!

This album is a rare release from back in 2004 when John was in the USA working with a band and recorded an album with Cindy in Jamestown, Virginia. The album was printed in a limited number of copies and was sold out a long time ago.

It was as a direct result of this stay in 2004 that John was arrested and deported from Newark airport recently (more information here: Therefore we think that this album is very aptly named: Homeland Insecurity!

You can download this album for free, but if you would choose to leave a tip, all money will go directly to Cindy's family. You'd be helping Cindy's daughter and grandchildren enormously during this difficult time in their life.

Thank you!

John & Sofie xx


Cindy Warner: vocals, bodhran

John Mitchell: vocals, guitar

Brandon Wilson: bass

Recorded and mixed by Cindy Warner.

The Blacksmith: trad.

Will ye go lassie go: trad.

Johnny Cope: trad.

Flower of Scotland: trad.

Boys of Bedlam: trad.

Auld lang syne: Robert Burns

What if God: Eric Bazilian

Caledonia: Dougie MacLean

Rattlin' Roarin' Willie: Robert Burns

Green grow the rushes: Robert Burns

Leaving Carolina: John Mitchell

And a bonus track from the CD Loaded to the Gunwales: Fear a' Bhàta (trad.)

For fans of:Dougie MacLean, Dick Gaughan, Fairport Convention
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