John Ludi

4-Track Wonderland

4-Track Wonderland by John Ludi
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For fans of:David Bowie, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Cockburn, Midnight Oil
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  1. FTW-01-Neros Playing
  2. FTW-02-Blissless Ignorance
  3. FTW-03-Only Human
  4. FTW-04-Inner Space
  5. FTW-05-Planned Obsolesence
  6. FTW-06-Memory
  7. FTW-07-Thorns
  8. FTW-08-Messenger
  9. FTW-09-The Leaving
  10. FTW-10-Shelter
  11. FTW-11-Eternity in Seconds
  12. FTW-12-Sensibility
  13. FTW-13-Spaceship Earth
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SYNOPSIS: If baby pictures could be songs, these would be it. Some of them actually are sorta cool though (IMHO). These all appeared on various cassette releases I put out in the mid 80's. I picked the ones that I like the most and out out an album of them a while back. Then I yanked the album for a while...and now a modified version of it is back.

This is not an "official"'s pretty primitive and full of guitar hum, edit clicks, and it's not one I'll be putting up for sale on Bandcamp...but it has it's moments and shows where a lot of my later work comes from...if that is of interest to you, for some reason. :)

Aside from my fascination with odd time signatures and noise, you'll also note that the things that concern me today (ecocide, materialism, war, nukes, etc) are the same things that concerned me back then. It is to my infinite sadness that so many years have gone by and things have not improved...oh, to the contrary.


As with most of my solo work, almost all of it was done by myself (with a guest appearance from Greg Kutcher on the 3rd guitar solo on Memory) these cases, they were all done on a rented Fostex 4-Track cassette recorder. Aside from some drum stuff, there was no programming...all of this was played without the help of MIDI. I remember all the guitars I overdubbed on the first tune gave me a serious cramp.

I rerecorded a couple lead vocals and some drum samples on a tune or two back around 2002, but otherwise they are as they were so long ago. Using an online mastering program I was able to give them a lot more volume and polish.

For fans of:David Bowie, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Cockburn, Midnight Oil
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