John Millea

For fans of:Andrew Peterson, James Taylor, Josh Garrels, Jon Foreman, Noel Paul Stookey

John Millea (pronounced Mill-ay) is a Christian singer-songwriter with a passion for storytelling. Drawing inspiration from life and Scripture, John writes lyrically driven songs that are authentic and deeply spiritual. Though he’s not afraid to wear his faith on his sleeve, he’s also not afraid to sing about real life and the struggles, disappointments, and joys that come with it.

John relishes live performances where he has the opportunity to weave his songs together with the stories and experiences that inspired them. “There’s nothing like telling your story to someone and watching them react to it in real time… My hope is always that someone will hear something at a concert that will move them and draw them to Jesus.”

His love of songwriting and storytelling has inspired John’s latest project, his Songwriting Diary on Patreon. Each month he releases demos of new songs while sharing his creative life with his fans through audio and video clips, stories, live streams, and more. “I can’t think of a better arrangement for fans and artists. My fans get music, I get paid for making it, and we both get to enjoy a sense of creative community and connection that we wouldn’t be able to have otherwise unless we all lived in the same town. This is the next best thing.”

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