Joshua James

We Three Kings

We Three Kings by Joshua James
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For fans of:The Avett Brothers, Gregory Alan Isakov, Iron & Wine, Noah Gundersen, Damien Jurado
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  1. We Three Kings

Joshua James – We Three Kings – World Food Program Benefit

Joshua’s explanation:

“It’s the holiday season.

White snow & mistletoe. Ornaments and stockings. It’s the “Most Wonderful Time of The Year”. Every time the Thanksgiving leftovers have been stuffed into the refrigerator and the winter winds start to swoop through the valley I find myself overwhelmed with thoughts of seasons gone / seasons passed. I am reminded of the winters in Nebraska, and the magic that seemed to surround the season there. Out of all of the holiday memories that fill my mind there is one in particular that sticks out in my mind. It was December 24th. I must have been no more than 8 years old. I woke up to a snowy morning and almost instantaneously felt overwhelmed with the “Christmas Spirit,” I couldn’t wait for my gifts / my stocking / my “Christmas Morning”. The day was filled with ginger bread building and food preparations for Christmas Eve night. Beach Boys’ Christmas sang through the speakers and my brothers and I danced around the Christmas tree while Brian Wilson sang “Little Saint Nick”. All was right with the world.

Soon the sun began to set and I could already hear Santa’s sleigh parking atop the house on Fir Hollow Ct. “Ok, kids, let’s go,” my dad said as he came through the garage door. I was confused,“...Go? Go where? It’s Christmas Eve. Aren’t we going to do the scavenger hunt? Aren’t we going to make sandwiches and watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas?” I asked, concerned. “Yes, yes, but first there are some people that we need to visit.” He kindly replied. Reluctantly I joined my other brothers and sisters in the Ford Econoline 150 and we headed out across town. My father parked the van on an unfamiliar street and asked if I would help him carry some things to a house across the way. “…I guess so.” He handed me a box of what appeared to be toys and food and grabbed the other package that appeared to be a full, frozen turkey. We braved the cold and placed the items on a doorstep of whom I am still not certain. “Ok, Joshua, get ready. I am going to ring the doorbell and then we are going to get back to the car as fast as we can.” I wasn’t even sure what the point of this game was, but I felt excited to be a part of it. He rang the doorbell and we sprinted back to the van. As soon as we got back to the van all my brothers and sisters were anxiously waiting to leave, it seemed they knew the game better than me. And so we went. We were off to the next house, and then the next, the next one and then the next, it was going on and on, but I wasn’t longing to be home, I felt something important was happening. As we dropped off the turkey to the last home my father explained to me that all the homes we had visited that night hadn’t hardly a thing to eat, and no presents for their children. He explained that we had been fortunate, blessed to have what we had, rich beyond belief. I was overwhelmed with the thought and emotion. I will never / could never forget that night.

This Holiday season I decided that I had a “turkey of my own” to give away. I spent last week here inside of Willamette MTN, recording a rendition of an old Christian Hymn. “We Three Kings” was modestly recorded with the help of some amazing friends (Timmy The Teeth, RuRu) and will be released on December 16th, via iTunes. Every penny that comes in from the song will be donated to the World Food Program ( to help families in need of food. Whatever “THIS” is, we are ALL in it together. Please take a moment and visit the webpage of the Program, become informed.

May the holiday season be bright and may the giving never cease.


-Joshua Fred James

For fans of:The Avett Brothers, Gregory Alan Isakov, Iron & Wine, Noah Gundersen, Damien Jurado
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