Julian Michael

For fans of:Thrice, The Myriad, Mute Math, Switchfoot, Emery

Julian is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter whose influences are a vast range of music from Radiohead to The Roots, MuteMath to Miles Davis. He released his first full-length LP in 2009 and has consistently recorded and released a new project every year since, typically performing all parts on each record. On his 4th album Uncut he explores the hard rock side of his musical interests: "I began working on an untitled project to get my creative juices flowing again after three years of intensive music study at JBU. The music that came out of it was raw and exciting. Though it has taken a long time to record these four songs; I think the time has been well worth it. The album is heavier than anything I have previously recorded hence the title. The songs are unshackled, raw and passionate and I hope the listener hears the joy and the heart that went into recording them."