For fans of:Lionel Richie, P. Diddy, Phil Collins, Tyrese Gibson

July is an independent British R&B artist based in London, U.K.

He is an independent singer with a unique sound, merging smooth and soulful vocal licks with beats guaranteed to move an audience. July’s music is a combination of ageless R&B vocals with a modern style running throughout, expressing the true evolution of rhythm and blues.

He has been exposed to a wide range of sounds and cultures which have influenced his song writing. He has experimented with a number of different musical genres and cites his influences as diverse as Lionel Richie, P. Diddy, Phil Collins and Tyrese Gibson.

Now working with a talented producer by the name of MLB, July is perfecting a fresh, unique sound - showcased perfectly by his single Mood. The slick production and instantly addictive hook shows that the partnership of MLB and July is a successful one, and it’s no wonder that Radiostero5 Cuneo describes the track as ‘elegant’ and Flo Radio U.K. named it their ‘track of the month’.

Not only is July a budding success in music, but he is also in his final year of an International Business (BSc) degree at King’s College, London, giving him a fresh insight into the complexities of the music industry from a multi-disciplinary perspective.