Karen Littman

Dream of Life: set yourself free Noisetrade Exclusive Sampler

Dream of Life: set yourself free Noisetrade Exclusive Sampler by Karen Littman
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For fans of:Enya, Sarah McLaughlin, Judy Collins, Lana Del Rey
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  1. Where Is Home
  2. Living In Another Dimension (World version)
  3. A Little Help
  4. _What's It Like On The Other Side
  5. Set Yourself Free
  6. The Dream of Life
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Karen Littman has been writing songs as long as she’s been breaking rules. Growing up on Long Island, it was all part of being creative and figuring out her way of doing things. Decades after penning those first tunes about family and relationship challenges that she and other kids faced, this natural gift for bucking convention brilliantly serves her as a unique singer songwriter releasing her debut album The Dream of Life: Set Yourself Free. The 16 tracks fully communicate her very personal twist on the classic “Hero’s Journey.” “You go along trying to figure out what you’re here to do,” she says. “You’re thrown into the fire yet come out triumphant after realizing you’re going to be okay — and you’re always okay because after all is said and done, you’re your own home.”

Fifteen tracks on The Dream of Life: Set Yourself Free were produced by Joel Jaffe, the renowned engineer and producer of Studio D in Sausalito, CA who has worked with Maria Muldaur, Lenny Williams and Magic Christian, among others. The lively pop/R&B flavored “A Little Help,” was produced by Emmy and multi-Grammy Award winning drummer, artist and producer Narada Michael Walden (Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder).


Karen Littman - Piano, vocals Joel Jaffe - Guitars, synths, lap steel, Ebow, backing vocals, producer Narada Michael Walden - arranger, producer (A LIttle Help) Eamonn Flynn - Keyboards, Synths, B3 Organ Billy Johnson - Drums, percussion Marc Levine - Bass Steve Evans - Bass Omega Rae - Background vocals Baba Ken Okuolo, Lemuel Barrow, Pope Flyne - Background vocals, percussion Doug Harmon - Cello Sanjeev Brar - Arranger Kevin Hayes - Drums Jason Victorine - Chimes George Brooks -Saxophone Angeline Saris - Bass Matthew Charles Huelitt - Guitar Nikita Germaine Houston, Sakai Smith, Cornell Carter - Backing vocals

For fans of:Enya, Sarah McLaughlin, Judy Collins, Lana Del Rey
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