Katie Rice

For fans of:Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, Norah Jones, JJ Heller, Ingrid Michaelson
Katie is a singer, songwriter, and composer based in Seattle, Washington. Her work and music have earned her a reputation as a “humanitarian songwriter,” a person committed to seeing her music transform individuals and communities for good. One of Katie's singles, Save A Life, was selected for use by FocusDriven, a nonprofit organization devoted to ending texting while driving. The song’s powerful message and haunting melody is currently being made into a music video, which will be used to help raise awareness and financial support for the FocusDriven campaign. Another of Katie’s original songs, Speak to Me, was chosen by Gap, Inc. (Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, etc.) for use in an international video campaign highlighting Gap's corporate culture of service and community-building projects that its employees are engaged in worldwide. In September 2011, Katie’s Christmas single Sweet Night was used in a Dutch television show called “Hello Goodbye.” The episode was seen by 1.7 million people and told the moving story of a family returning home after adopting a baby boy from Sri Lanka. Sweet Night was the same song that climbed to #1 on CDbaby’s holiday pop chart in 2009 and was chosen as CDbaby Editor’s Pick in 2010. But how did all of this transformative music and artistry come about? The foundation for Katie’s ability to gracefully combine raw emotion with ear-pleasing melodies comes ultimately from her own story, which is as surprisingly unique as her music. Katie started writing songs at the age of two. Her parents say she spent hours picking out notes to new songs she would create. As she got a little older, however, she began hiding her desire to sing, play, and write songs. When no one else was home, she would lock the doors and sit at the piano and play, absorbed in the music. She doesn’t remember exactly why she started hiding her love for making music, but songwriting became her secret. It wasn't until after college, while living at an orphanage in rural South Africa, that Katie picked up her first guitar. During her time at the orphanage Katie was both falling in love with her future husband as well as having her heart broken on a daily basis by the suffering around her. Music became her refuge. Everyday after working in the hospice, she would take her guitar and hike to the edge of the property, a secluded area where her only companions were grazing cows. She would spend hours playing and writing songs, daydreaming of a time when she would let others in on her secret. After moving back to the US, it was still some time before Katie told anyone about her dream. In fact, she was married for a year before finally sharing her secret with her husband. The first song she sang for him is the title track off her debut album, Ready Now. The song’s theme draws directly from Katie’s experience of confronting her fears, embracing her dream, and bravely stepping into the spotlight to share that dream with others. It seems that all of Katie’s waiting in secret has paid off with a powerful collection of songs that sparkle with unusual depth and beauty. Recently, Katie found a whole new source of inspiration. In September 2011, she and her husband welcomed their first son, Ryder James Rice, into the world. While she now spends much of her time making up silly songs while changing diapers, she’s exited about the way Ryder is only further inspiring her music career. “I used to be afraid to share my songs with others,” says Rice. “I was afraid of pursuing music at all. But having Ryder has made it all the more clear that this is what I’m meant to do. Writing songs makes me come alive. I want my son raised in a home where he sees his parents pursuing their dreams, living their life, not afraid of what others think. I want him to know that he gets to do the same, whatever his dreams may be.” Drawing from her different experiences – working at an AIDS orphanage in South Africa, her graduate degree in Counseling Psychology, her experiences of love and loss, and most recently, motherhood – Katie masterfully pulls from the richness of human strength and frailty she’s encountered, weaving them into gripping musical stories that draw the listener in again and again.