Kat Jones

For fans of:Nancy Sinatra, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, Arcade Fire, Scott Walker
Kat Jones, is the front person of a Portland, OR based band called Kat Jones & The Prophets. Hailing from the closely knit music scene of Fresno, CA by way of East Nashville, TN, where she worked with a whole other group of closely knit musicians and artists, she began to set herself apart as a songwriter. Upon arriving in Portland she formed a new band to support her next record, titled "I Am Warm Young Blood" which is scheduled for release in 2015. It is an account of the apocalypse from the middle of the storm and features such notable songs as "Muevete," (a story of being rescued in the desert by birds) and "Without A Sound" (a critically celebrated song which was featured in an acoustic e.p. she released in 2009 of the same title). Her previous full length, "La Rosa, La Calavera" was produced by Richard Swift (The Shins) and Frank Lenz (Starflyer 59, Richard Swift) and featured Richard on keys, Frank on drums and Eli Thompson on bass. At the tail end of a successful European tour she returned to her home of Nashville, TN to work with an art collective known as abrasiveMedia and is working and performing as Kat Jones & The Prophets. They will be finishing the remaining tracks for I Am Warm Young Blood in 2015. This e.p. is not so indicitive of her present sound. But it's a nice gift!!