For fans of:Nicki Minaj, Drake, Ariana Grande, T.I

Ken, (Once named Ken Kunt) is a unsigned successful rapper and songwriter with his 4 internet hits, The New Kid (2013), What They Say? (2013), You (2015), and Anaconda Remix. Ken's 1st mixtape Sing Your Heart Out peaked #3 and is Ken's best mixtape he's ever made according to fans and ReverbNation Community. Ken has been compared to Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Drake, Justin Bieber and Lupe Fiasco. Ken's 1st debut album, "My New Beginning: Meet Brad" came out to be a big change. Ken introduced us to a new voice change and music style. "My New Beginning: Chapter 2: Meet Baby Zolanski" is when Ken introduced his favorite alter ego, Baby Zolanski, when he say is Roman Zolanski's (Nicki Minaj alter ego) brother. Ken was nominated for a 3 Shorty Awards, (Best New Hip Hop Artist, Leader Of The Year and Song Of The Year) Ken only won 2 of the awards (Best New Hip Hop Artist and Song Of The Year) Ken had dissed the Shorty Awards Company saying, "I don't see why you guys picked them to win. I don't see sh*t they did to be a leader. Step your bullsh*t up." Ken also is Reverb Nation's favorite radio host and has been nominated since October 2014 for the RNA Music Awards premiering in September 2015. Ken is known for his voices and his excitement towards music.