Keon Wolfe

For fans of:Bryson Tiller, Eric Bellinger, Ty Dolla Sign

The energetic and innovative singer/songwriter/dancer Keon Wolfe has made a name for himself in the city of Philadelphia as an artist with a charisma that electrifies crowds everywhere.“I like to give people unforgettable experiences. I want them to be like, that’s a dope record or that performance was crazy.”Growing up in tumultuous surroundings, his only way to escape was to pour his everything into his creativity. At a young age, Keon found himself emerged in the music and dance world, entertaining family guest, neighborhood friends and participating in talent showcases where his onstage presence, dance and musical talent were cultivated. His undeniable talent afforded him the opportunity to be lead vocalist and dancer for many groups before focusing on his solo career.Keon merges the soulfulness of R&B with rhythmic tones of Pop and Trap to create a sound that is fresh yet nostalgic. As music evolves, some things still remain the same; Pure talent and a heart to create meaningful music always wins! Keon Wolfe is an artist that gives you all of these and so much more.