Kevin Ross


Exposure by Kevin Ross
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Hip-Hop/RapHip Hop
For fans of:NF, Andy Mineo, Lecrae, S.O., Shai Linne
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  1. Exposed (Intro)
  2. Filthy Rags (Feat. Chrys Jones)
  3. Outcast (Feat. ASAINT)
  4. Goals & Achievements
  5. Speed It Up (Feat Chrys Jones)
  6. Deep Down (Feat. Chrys Jones)
  7. Saved By Grace (Feat. Bishop Chase)
  8. Growth Through Trials (Feat. K-Drama, Quintel Flowers)
  9. Beyond The Mountains (Feat. Benjah)
  10. A New Day (Feat. SICILY)
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This is my debut album "Exposure" I wanted to make music that would reach people that may not be Christians and also help Christians that want to be encouraged in the faith grow as well. The main concept of the album was to show people that as a Christian(s) I (we) am not perfect, many people seem to think Christians think they are better than non-believers. In this album I exposed some of my flaws to show people what God has redeemed me from in hopes to reach them. The the first half of the album was talking things that will leave us broken and things that will not save us (Filthy Rags, Outcast, Goals & Achievements) then the second half of the album the songs were about how hard it can be sometimes but God guides us and brings us through things and were saved by grace not works. These songs are also meant to encourage people in there walks of faith of to encourage them to peruse a relationship with God.
1. Exposed Intro (Prod. By Hot Handz) 2.Filthy Rags Feat. Chrys Jones (Prod. By 737) 3.Outcast Feat. ASAINT (Prod. By Verse) 4.Goals & Achievements (Prod. By D-Flow) 5.Speed It Up Feat Chrys Jones (Prod. By Chrys Beats) 6.Deep Down Feat. Chrys Jones(Prod. By Chrys Beats) 7.Saved By Grace Feat Bishop Chase (Prod. By Bishop Chase) 8.Growth Through Trials Feat K-Drama & Quintel Flowers (Prod. By K-Drama) 9.Beyond The Mountains Feat. Benjah (Prod. By D-Flow) 10.A New Day Feat. SICILY (Prod. By STGBeats)
Hip-Hop/RapHip Hop
For fans of:NF, Andy Mineo, Lecrae, S.O., Shai Linne
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