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Farms and Fields::Spiritual Songs

Farms and Fields::Spiritual Songs by Farms and Fields
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For fans of:Indelible Grace, Sovereign Grace Ministries, Mark Altrogge, Brooke Frasier, Hillsong United
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  1. This Christian Life is a Paradox.mp3
  2. Make Much of Christ
  3. His Autobiography
  4. The Fruit of The Spirit
  5. Dear Christian Child
  6. coram Deo
  7. The Lamb is Now The King
  8. WHO
  9. Aleph::Beth::Gimel (Psalm 119:1-24::Special thanks to Dr. John Finney)
  10. I Am Crucified With Christ
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album cover painted by Mark Altrogge :: Big Sky Yellow Fields ::

Spiritual Songs is a collection of original pieces written and composed to encourage the listener to consider Jesus Christ and Him crucified in our every day lives.


Producers/Writers::Scott and Kim Noble

Vocals/Record/Mixed/Mastered::Kim Noble (BMI)

Album Artwork::Mark Altrogge ::

Layout and Design::Jerry Ryan ::

Production::Edder Acosta

2013::All right reserved

Project website ::

Facebook Fan Page and Updates ::

e-mail ::

Heartfelt gratefulness::All glory and honor goes to the Triune God Who by pre-ordained wisdom and love saved me from the wrath of God, demonstrating the righteousness of Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, and gave me eternal life with Him in heaven.

Special thanks::**My beloved Scott is an amazing grace gift who is a servant-leader. **My children provide witty consultations and loads of humor. Thank you for listening ad nauseum. **Jerry makes everything professionally superior, as unto our Lord. **Edder serves as if Christ were standing right next to him. **Mark Altrogge "talks" to me over the internet like I have met him. He's the "real deal." **The YouTube Channel is better because of Jessica Lynn, Jenna, Josh and Eileen, Katie, and Scotty Smith. **Ted and Deena Bigelow love and train us in righteousness for His name's sake. ** The Cheffers enrich our lives with support and friendship throughout this project. **Grace Church of Hartford, CT is a foretaste of heaven. Thank you, Lisa, Rachel, Pastor Steve Cooley, Jenny Burgos, Laura Neves, Karen, Mary, Peggy Jo, Shelley, Dave, John and Jennifer Finney whom God used greatly to boost an oftentimes withering producer.

Thank you, Jenn Nulsen--recording engineer student extraordinaire--who originally thought I might be able to do something. Sushi date?

For fans of:Indelible Grace, Sovereign Grace Ministries, Mark Altrogge, Brooke Frasier, Hillsong United
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