Lancelot Schaubert

All Who Wander

All Who Wander by Lancelot Schaubert
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For fans of:Johnny Cash, Irish Folk, fairy tales, fantasy fiction, Woody Gutherie
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  1. Come To The Border
  2. Bard Song #1
  3. Bard Song #2
  4. Cherokee Highway
  5. Palace Of The Soul
  6. City Limits
  7. Seven Sitters
  8. Even If
  9. Inkwell
  10. Boundary Stones
  11. Welcome Beloved
  12. Lexi's Song
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ALL WHO WANDER exposes a short young life filled with an old man's trauma's and regrets. In his years since moving to New York City, Lancelot Schaubert experienced some of the worst heartaches a man can experience right as the nation rose up in political turmoil. These songs light a path through a dark journey of parallel pains — personal and collective — and try to resurrect some grammar for talking about the hardest parts of life. For this reason, you'll want to make sure you follow him on Spotify with that little heart button: your release radar will soon include more and more songs written from the kind of deep well few artists draw from.

Characters in this album show up in his forthcoming debut novel, Bell Hammers. The album and the novel stand alone, but they also work like twins: they share psychology, share souls, share a sort of mind meld and transposition rarely found across artistic media. In this way the album All Who Wander works something like an artifact from the world of Bell Hammers and The Vale, from stories he's sold and stories he will soon publish.

Lancelot has written hundreds of stories, articles, and poems for markets like TOR (Macmillan), The New Haven Review, McSweeney’s, The Poet’s Market, Writer’s Digest, and The World Series Edition of Poker Pro. The Missouri Tourism Board also commissioned him to reinvent the photonovel through The Joplin Undercurrent in partnership with Mark N.

(The photos here are his — check out )

For fans of:Johnny Cash, Irish Folk, fairy tales, fantasy fiction, Woody Gutherie
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