Land of Blood and Sunshine

Daytrotter Session - Aug 7, 2011

Aug 7, 2011 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Land of Blood and Sunshine
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Demon, Listen
  3. Eat People
  4. Up in That Ether
  5. Carry the Limbless
A lot of people are afraid of what happens out in these cornfields we have here in Iowa. Once you're out there in the rural routes, tucked back, back, back in the ditch weeds and out there with your own personal silence, with your livestock and the intimate sounds of stuff growing in a good season or dying in a dry one, it's a different world where stranger heads sometimes prevail. We think that it's possible for you to get away with a lot more out amongst these fields, or that just might be something that seems real, but isn't. It does seem like you've got some freedom to play with your guns, to mess around, cuss and roughhouse a little bit more. It's likely that the devil dances to the sounds of Marshalltown, Iowa's Land of Blood and Sunshine. It's likely that he loves what he's seeing out of these kids, hailing from a city in the center of the state, just out of the way of much else. What we can't say for certain is how the Land of Blood and Sunshine feel about the devil. Their feelings toward the evil one seem to be light and playful, but that curiosity does lead to some fascinating tangents in their falsetto-ized, muddy watered psychedelia. It leads them into those places where you're not supposed to go alone, where there's scary business out there at all hours of the day, light or dark. You stay behind locked doors in this land of blood and sunshine. You stay there and you keep the people that you love the most close to you as well. You might not need to cover and huddle together, for the danger may not be that imminent, but you should mind your steps and keep your voices down - not arousing too much suspicion. The smoke will roll in low and black, mixed with a contact flavoring of corn that ferments it like a whisky, and it will seep under your door, getting into your house and who knows what will happen then. Land of Blood and Sunshine sing, "My keeper, keep me warm," on "Carry The Limbless," and it's a sign of giving in a little bit, of just letting the elements take over. If the spirits want to get in and break some things, there's really no stopping them. They're going to get in and they're going to break some things. Here, the welcome mat is out for them. They're offered something to nosh on, something to sip on for as long as they're interested in staying. They're offered a bed and they're treated like something to study, to see what they'll really do, to see how hungry they actually are for souls and such. The music on "Into The Mystery," is what comes from having all that time on your hands, out here where we can get away with things, where we're allowed to be a little different, a little deviled.