Last Argument

For fans of:Boy sets fire, Papa Roach, Billy Talent, Linkin Park

The name LAST ARGUMENT stands for Melodic Post-Hardcore since 2013.

Loud and vital messages, hard guitar riffs, forceful shouts, and melodic hook-lines delivered by three vocalists. This is the concept of LAST ARGUMENT’s first recording. Eagerly trying out new things the band integrates electronic sound elements giving that extra something to the songs.

The EP was created in the prestigious CUBEAUDIO STUDIOS in Goettingen, Germany. Producer MARKUS GUMBALL (e.g. TAMOTO, GUANO APES Remixe, DORO PESCH, ALL ENDS) has decisively shaped the band’s sound. Further musical influences range from classic post-hardcore to emotional pop-rock. But LAST ARGUMENT is said to be more.

LAST ARGUMENT offers a great experience on CD as well as on stage with their infectious live shows. Everyone sees that the band is full of optimism without closing the eyes to reality. Everyone receives the band’s urgent messages flowing from its pen. And last but not least everyone feels the steely determination that once brought the band together and pushes it forward ever since.

Those who take part will feel the honest character of LAST ARGUMENT.