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Big hair and big personality aren’t all she has to offer. With an energy all her own, LaToria brings an eclectic feel to the hip hop music she makes. Whether it’s a high energy anthem, or a story she’s telling accompanied by soulful melodies, LaToria aims to offer hope, light, and truth to those who listen to her music all while providing an experience in the process.

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, LaToria grew up the oldest in a household of 5 children. “I was raised by my mom and aunt, they were like super heroes to me! I grew up watching really strong women handle tough life issues and I admired that.” She recounts. “At an early age I learned the concept of helping to “meet the need”. There were 5 kids and often times only one parent at home, which meant one child needed tending to in some way, whether it be homework or combing someone’s hair, being the oldest, that’s where I was asked to step in and do my part to help.”

At the age of 7, LaToria fell in love with Hip Hop. She looked up to female artists such as, Queen Latifah and MC Lyte, because of their no nonsense attitude and charismatic rhyming ability. Growing up in a Christian home, she desired to do the same thing in a way that shared the message of the gospel.

LaToria never lost her love for music. In 2006, LaToria was set to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and simultaneously found herself in a very luke warm state in regards to her faith. Through a mutual friend, she met a producer named Len who one day happened to ask if she rapped. Little did he know, LaToria wrote in her private time. After meeting Len, she was led to take a chance and pursue the childhood dream of becoming an emcee.

In a year’s time, LaToria began to walk closer with the Lord and after much stumbling and striving, she rededicated her life to Christ. She then became a member of a local church and joined their young adult ministry. During this time, she released her first album, A Simple Task. This project drew a very diverse fan base because of the versatility of sound and her slightly aggressive demeanor behind the mic. She started developing a stage presence and growing as an artist by performing at different events around the city.

In 2007 LaToria became a core member of the CFRN (Christian Female Rap Network), headed by Octavia Harris. This was an international network of female artists who expressed the gospel in various art forms. Later that year, LaToria was nominated for best Christian Female Emcee in Dallas and won her first award. In 2011 she released her Ao1 EP. This was her first digitally distributed project which helped her gain exposure nationally and abroad. “That same concept of helping “meeting the need” is how I approach making music.” LaToria states. “I do it to help people. I want to always make music that people can relate to and ultimately point them to the freedom found in a relationship with the Living G-d through Christ. More music like that is needed in the world.”

In 2013 LaToria won the award for Overall Songwriter at the AMTC Shine conference in Orlando, Florida and was featured on French Caribbean Gospel Singer, Jessica Dorsey’s album, Feedback. LaToria recently released a music video for Crazy Cool (Remix), a song from her forth coming project due to release later this year. Her single, Loose was selected to be included on the 2014 Christian Hip Hop Compilation album headed by HeadzUp FM and distributed worldwide through Capitol Christian Music Group.

LaToria has also had the privilege of sharing the stage with artist such as, Matthew Schuler, Dez Duron and Brandon Chase of the Hit TV Show The Voice , Natalie Lauren (formerly known as Suzy Rock), Lecrae and Tedashii (Reach Records), Derek Minor (RMG), Flame (Clear Sight Music) and many more, as well as featuring on several compilations, mixtapes and projects.

LaToria currently resides in Dallas, Texas where she serves at The Village Church and hosts weekly Bible studies with co-workers. She is also part of NA-US music group and the Good Tree clothing team, two organizations focused on engaging the community around them and sharing the love of Christ through music, ministry and fashion.

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