Lisa Haagen

For fans of:Ben Howard, Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Daughter, Regina Spektor

An implant from the Pacific Northwest, Lisa spent the past year gaining a following around the LA area by capturing attention with her unique percussive style of playing. She released her first full-length album "With Honey" in September '13 which serves as a doorway into her lyrically driven mind. Haagen creates warm and impassioned sounds accompanied with emotionally vulnerable lyrics. Her evocative melodies and clever phrasing travel along the earthy foundation of her finger-tapping guitar work to construct multi-layered songs.

Writing and recording in her new home in southern California, Lisa Haagen creates tracks comparable with Ani Difranco, Daughter, and Ben Howard while still maintaining her Pacific Northwestern roots. She creates vibrant tones and textures that enliven the imagination and refresh the palate.