Lonny Clyde

For fans of:Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Jack Ingram, John Mellencamp, Chris Knight

Singer/ Songwriter/ TEXAN

Born a trucker's son. Lonny grew up listening and living real, gritty, country music. "I come from a long line of lower-middle class. You might call us white trash.", says Lonny with a proud smirk. Growing up the way Lonny did he learned that nothing comes easy. In a day and age that has Country Music "artists" raised in the cookie cutter suburbs, Lonny Clyde is a breath of blue collar fresh air that brings to mind hall of famers like Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings and Texas Music icons like Jack Ingram, Charlie Robison and Robert Earl Keen. "I sing about real situations and real people...and ya' won't see me doing it in $200 jeans with pretty designs on my ass." Lonny Clyde's newest collection of tunes is a healthy serving of meat and potatoes cooked up in the studio with Aussie, Michael Flanders. "Flanders is a genius mad scientist both as a producer and when he sets down behind that steel guitar." Michael Flander's steel guitar playing is one of the distinguishing traits of the album. A perfect mixture of traditional roots without the same over cooked steel riffs. Listen for the debut single "Jesse" by Lonny Clyde.