Lord Reverb

For fans of:Era Istrefi, Martin Solveig, Daft Punk, Pharrell, Far East Movement

Lord Reverb was born on 27 of December 1979 in Amsterdam. He grew up with friends who were multicultural. He worked hard to live a normal life while growing up in the ghetto. Lord Reverb started making music at an early age. The music helped him cope with a one-two punch of illnesses throughout his live . The music came naturally, as a result of the many friends from different countries & cultures he grew up with. Lord Reverb’s presence in the music scene and his fan base have been growing steadily ever since. Lord Reverb would describe his music as ‘Electronic’ or ‘Trap’ but that only scratches the surface. Lord Reverb rarely makes two songs in the same genre. Lord Reverb has released a number of songs, all of which can be found on his Soundcloud page. ‘Bounce’ is a good example of Electronic Trap music. ‘Step It Up’ is a good example of an 80s style Flashdance type song and ‘Judgment Day’ is a great example of a Hip Hop beat. Why are all of Lord Reverb’s songs so different? Because different is good. It’s what makes us unique and special. Lord Reverb’s music isn’t just about freedom of musical choice. It is freedom. Why? Because we all have the capacity within ourselves to be free. Lord Reverb believes his music can help us all find that freedom. We need to start within ourselves. It will bring us together and set us free. Unlike many of the artists who are shaped by money and a jaded industry, Lord Reverb doesn’t make music for financial gains. He makes it because he loves it. Freedom of mind and heart is the greatest achievement that we can hope for.