Loso Decar


NIRVANA by Loso Decar
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For fans of:Solange, Frank Ocean, Maroon 5, Jay Z, Aaliyah
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  1. Influx
  2. Shine
  3. Hold Me
  4. Land On My Feet
  5. All I Am
  6. I Choose You- Acoustic(Sara Bareilles Cover)
  7. In The Morning
  8. Moving On(Live At Ocean Way)
  9. Ghost/Lucid
  10. Amy(Interlude)
  11. On & On
  12. Analog
  13. 25 Cent
  14. Far
  15. Never Knew Love
  16. New Life
  17. Finally
  18. Nirvana
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The title of this album is "NIRVANA," which is defined as "a state of perfect happiness; an ideal or idyllic state." I've been inspired by 'Saint Heron,' a compilation album that Solange Knowles put together that features some indie R&B/Soul artists. Out of any compilation I've ever heard, it has to be my favorite. The songs flow perfectly together....one after another. The vibe and the energy of the album are so DOPE!

I decided to do something similar to Saint Heron with NIRVANA. I found 17 AMAZING independent artist with different sounds and backgrounds and put them on one album that takes you on a musical journey beginning with the intro "Influx" which starts as a radio station that begins to play some of my favorite tunes. The final song of the radio mix is "Nirvana" by Sam Smith and it slows down to get you ready for the ride. To close out the album I got 3 of my closest friends together for a BEAUTIFUL outro titled "Nirvana". At the very end of it you hear me sing "Will you take me to Nirvana" and it kinda finishes where "Influx" leaves you hanging. My soul purpose for putting this album together is to get these wonderful indie artist more listeners and hopefully take them somewhere. Make sure you follow each and every artist on the album to check out there work and also stay updated on future projects. I hope you enjoy the ride.



Follow them on instagram.

@brik.liam- shine

@sos_dana- hold me

@mrmagic420- land on my feet

@pgreene- all i am

@joyful_sings- i choose you & finally

@devintracy- in the morning

@dynamomusic- movin' on

@elysium.v- ghost/lucid and amy

@aviivy- on & on

@therobmilton- analog

@adonisfox- 25 cent

@jacquehammond- far

@jmgmusic- never knew love

@bumppro_rockhop- new life

@callmeverde, @loulovebaby & @mondo_juice- nirvana

**Influx features various artist** (mixed by @daveyremix)

aaliyah- beats for the street

jay z- allure

coldplay- clocks

gwen stefani- breaking up

nerd- lapdance

erykah badu- orange moon

sam smith- nirvana

The album was mixed & mastered by Sean Giovanni at The Record Shop Nashville, TN

For fans of:Solange, Frank Ocean, Maroon 5, Jay Z, Aaliyah
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