LW Ruth

For fans of:electronica, john cage, trent reznor

Here's what I've done with my music across the ages. Please keep in mind that I am more than my music. I am also, in large part, butter brickle flavored ice cream I have been eating through out the years.

-The Cooper Thang - bass

-Winding Miles Blues Band - bass

-Bud Up De Duh - BUDD - jazz fusion - bass

-Marine Corps Band - saxophone, clarinet, guitar, bass

-Frankie Lane Band - Rawhide - saxophone, clarinet, flute

-The next four bands all had the same members - Malcolm, Mark, Bruce, and me - just different band names for different venues .

-GJ Allstars - country western - keyboards, saxophone, vocals

-Alias - heavy metal, hard rock - keyboards, bass

-Junctionaires - jazz standards, do wop - saxophone, keyboards, vocals

-Honky Kats - southern rock - keyboards, saxophone, vocals

-Openning act for Edgar Winter, Leon Russel, Sawyer Brown

-True Value Country Showdown host band - same four again

-Current Band: Reverend Ruth = electronically created music - bunches of instruments and software

Why the name "Reverend Ruth"?

Why not, I ask of ye, why not. A few years back a good friend of mine Sandy and her husband were talking about renewing their vows. I put together a couple mix tapes for the sound. In a fount of fantasy we discussed briefly me officiating at the ceremony. It never happened. I would have happily done that for Sandy - she is an awesome person. What did happen is my curiosity led to me becoming ordained through The Universal Life Church. It's an easy process (though I wouldn't recommend doing it arbitrarily) because I agree with the church that all members should be ordained to help spread the good word. It was to be a brief "thing" to publish the first CD "Afronica" but the name stuck. And why not - "Make a joyous sound unto the Lord".