I Am Machi

For fans of:Wintersleep, Plants and Animals, Hollerado, Hey Rosetta!

Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta as its favorite husband and wife rock duo, I Am Machi is the 1-2-1-2 collision of two best friends who have uber crushes on each other. They got super married this one time, and now they go on adventures and make music together. Jileane's drumming pounds away like an artillery battery--because if you're not going to be loud like guns, what's the point in making rock n' roll? Nathan on guitars weaves in and out of the music like a bad dream. And both share vocal duties. Together, I Am Machi produces a sound that is thick and filling like cowboy coffee.

After founding in the Spring of 2012, recording and releasing two EPs: Mammal Pants (2012) and Slew (2014), playing countless shows, sharing the stage with the likes of Joel Plaskett, The Pack A.D., The Wet Secrets, and Iceland's Sin Fang, appearing in a mess of festivals (including Edmonton's inaugural Up + Downtown Festival), and touring extensively throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, I Am Machi has spent the last 4 years high fiving Canada with both hands and music!

I Am Machi is now preparing to release their first full-length effort entitled Magnetic North with which they will embark on their 2016 "Bring Your Friends & Enemies" Tour! Along with their evil nemesis cat, Phineas, I Am Machi will set sail toward these new adventurous shores in their RV-turned-tiny-house (named The Moment) in which they will live and tour. Forever.