Mahlon Freeman

Guitars and Ammunition

Guitars and Ammunition by Mahlon Freeman
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For fans of:Ryan Delmore, Chelsea Moon, Indelible Grace, Porch Music
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  1. Song of the Redeemed
  2. There's a Way (Instrumental)
  3. Cornerstone
  4. Amazing Grace Resonator Slide
  5. When He Speaks
  6. Amazing Grace (Instrumental)
  7. Free
  8. The Door
  9. Age to Come Viola and High Tuning
  10. The Friend
  11. Stand
  12. Stand (Guitars)
  13. Angels Ballad
  14. Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah
  15. Free (Instrumental Version)
  16. Song of the Redeemed (Harmony Archtop Instrumental)
  17. There's a Way
Tip the Artist $2 Suggested Tip

"The Door" is graphic and disturbing, as is the plight of those caught in the snare of sex trafficking. It should have been sung by a female vocalist, and it should be if it makes the cut for the Refuge album.

This is porch music in the raw, rough as a sun-dried cob and as coarse as stone-ground meal. But it is genuine and heartfelt, which seems to please The Lord. If nothing else, it serves as encouragement to those of us who know we can't sing and yet choose to worship loudly. What we might find wince-worthy, God hears as perfect, as long as we worship in spirit and truth. It is the heart song that matters.

Here are a couple old hymns and some original music. Instrumental tracks are there for worship leaders who may need a version without my iffy vocals.

This is just porch music put together to benefit the Refuge of Light, please use the link to check out this worthy cause. Please consider making a donation if you can afford to do so.

Please excuse the mistakes and poor execution, as only "When He Speaks" and "The Door" were mixed and mastered by Jordan Rhodes at PsalmSound Studio.

The squeaky chair and other mistakes just add ambiance.

This is a work in progress, so if you enjoy it at all, come back in a week or two as the content will have changed and hopefully improved. I am currently revising and recording into a format that downloads faster.

"Angels Ballad" is not a happy song, but there is joy in the last verse. And yes, I know it needs another verse.


Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah by William Williams is PD

Amazing Grace (Traditional) by John Newton also PD

For fans of:Ryan Delmore, Chelsea Moon, Indelible Grace, Porch Music
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