For fans of:Explosions in the Sky, Lush, Saint Pales

Malka was formed in 2013 when a Croatian-born/Peruvian-raised musician named Darko Saric joined with American session drummer Mike Dawson with the intent to create music with no pre-conceived notions. The two were later joined by David Ciauro and EJ DeCoske to round out the ensemble.Malka’s musicianship and unpretentious approach to the creative process allowed them to discover a unique style that has maintained originality and integrity throughout the life of the band. The result is that Malka’s sound is unlike any other. With an equal emphasis on the visual as well as the audio portions of their music, Malka presents a variety of unique performances and artistic imagery. From mind-blowing live stage shows to animated films, abstract videos and avant-garde photographs, Malka’s art is meant to be experienced with both the eyes and ears, as well as the mind and heart. As songwriters Malka’s palette is imaginative and captivating. Their music is a reflection of the triumph and tragedy of the world and forces us to look deeper into the realms of our consciousness. Malka is trying to stretch the concept of songs to make them sound more like emotional lapses of time. Never compromising on their vision, Malka continues to create multi-faceted art for a wide audience, proving that great music can be experienced in many ways.