Marilyn Miller

What's on my Mind

What's on my Mind by Marilyn Miller
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For fans of:Neil Young, Patti Smith, Gillian Welch
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  1. - Thinking
  2. - Temper
  3. - Save Me
  4. - Middle of the Night
  5. - Something We Can Do
  6. - What's On My Mind
  7. - Lies
  8. - Blue Love
  9. - Tequila
  10. - Gone
  11. - New Day
  12. - Valentine's Day
  13. - Over Coffee
  14. Winter Down
  15. Practiced Speech
  16. Work Hard MIX

Marilyn Miller is so excited to announce the release of her second album, ‘What’s On My Mind’, a collection of original songs concerning the life of a mature woman living alone in uncertain times. These songs have strong melodies and memorable words, concerning love, politics, dreams, and loss. Yep, the things that are ‘On My Mind’.

She released this album in the dead of winter…. A good idea? Likely not, but it IS part of the story of the record…. Coming out of the darkness and into the light, just like the earth’s annual winter to spring journey. Recorded in Woodstock, NY by Tedd Orr of Sertso Studios and mixed and mastered by Mark Dunn, ‘What’s On My Mind’ was a year in the making and several years in the planning. There were some serious setbacks, mostly related to health issues in band members, which really made it appear that the record would never get finished. However, the band is now on track and looking forward to a New Day, just like in the last song…..

Other songs tell some stories that have touched Marilyn’s heart: a mothers loss of her son to drugs, a call to listen to ideas you think you don’t agree with, a friend who suffered from Huntington's disease, saying no and yes to love, people who lie. She uses folk, rock, grunge, punk and bluegrass sounds to help tell these stories, and the artists she asked to contribute do an excellent job at delivery.

Marilyn did not have to go far to find musicians to help, because they are all good friends. Rick Warren (Rick and Marilyn, Doc Horton and the Jay Street Band, Magic Stones, Clouds), her guitar wizard partner, continues to weave his magic with Mike Pagnani (Beer-Stained Fiddle, Hudson Busk), who sings with his violin and his voice. Peter Tenerowicz (The Fabulous Versatones, Overtones) keeps a solid beat, assisted by the bass sounds laid down by Aaron Martin (Aaron Martin Band). In all, the music is transporting and interesting, with (as always with Marilyn’s records) a great variety of styles.

For fans of:Neil Young, Patti Smith, Gillian Welch
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