Mark Amadeus Flowerdew

Lenten Carols

Lenten Carols by Mark Amadeus Flowerdew
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For fans of:Michael W Smith, David Myles, Toby Mac, James Taylor, Simon & Garfunkel
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  1. Deny Yourself
  2. Forgive Me
  3. Powder
  4. The Harvest
  5. I Love the World
  6. I'll Follow
  7. I'm Not Alone
  8. Then They Cried Out to the Lord
  9. Ash
  10. Lord, I Love You
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Lent is the season from Ash Wednesday to Easter, modelling Jesus' long journey to his death and resurrection. One year, instead of giving up chocolate for Lent like I used to, I decided to set a goal to finish writing one song for each week until Easter. The number and complexity of the songs grew, resulting in this album. 

For me, Lent conjures up pictures of austerity and quiet self-reflection, as when Jesus wandered the wilderness for 40 days. Lent reminds me of the broken and temporary nature of this journey on earth, but also that Jesus journeys and suffers alongside us. Lent positions me on the difficult path to the cross, asking me if Iā€™m willing to repent, humble myself, and follow Jesus to his death ā€“ trusting in the promise of reward on the other side of the suffering. 

Here is my honest musical journey to the cross.

(Note: Track 5 - "I Love the World" - doesn't play a preview on this website since its duration is less then the 45-second "preview" time. I guess things don't always work the way we planned...)


Written, performed, & mixed by Mark Amadeus Flowerdew. Released June 2016, remastered 2018. Thanks to Kailey, Alex, Ethan, Pelham, Drue, and Gordon for lyrical feedback. Thanks to St. Paul's Anglican Church for supporting my music and loaning their grand piano. Thanks to Halifax Central Library and my parents' house for the studio space. Forward all praise to God.

For fans of:Michael W Smith, David Myles, Toby Mac, James Taylor, Simon & Garfunkel
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