Mark 'Ruff' Ryder

Mark Ruff Ryder Presents:

Mark Ruff Ryder Presents: by Mark 'Ruff' Ryder
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For fans of:UK Underground Dance music, House, Drum & Bass, Dub-step, Uk Garage
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  1. believe in me breakdown mix.-(Title song to the comic story)
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  5. Mark Ruff Ryder Presents: Jungle massive Teaser
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I am a full time uk underground music producer. I have spent my whole life making music in order to escape reality. This is how I hide away from the mad oppressive world.

I have had massive successes over the years under many different Artist names although I hate the fakery of fame and am a recluse in society due to the madness of the world I exist in which leaves me depressed and alone.

I create a place where we all come together and dance and its the only place where we are all equal and happy. 

Music can set you free!

There is no one else in the world like me because I have everything I need in my little world bubble and I create escape which millions around the world have also found in my music.

Come Join the trip. Close your eyes turn up the volume and get lost in my music. You too can find me and millions of others in this safe place. When you dance you will experience momentery freedom from oppression and a true sense of belonging to humanity, A place where we are all one, equal and happy together. 

For fans of:UK Underground Dance music, House, Drum & Bass, Dub-step, Uk Garage
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