Matthew Reid

In The Rain With Dog's

In The Rain With Dog's by Matthew Reid
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For fans of:Beach House, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Black Marble, Blouse
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  1. Another Wack Day
  2. Six, Six Thirty
  3. Bell STN
  4. Crew Socks
  5. The Interlude
  6. Bored At Work
  7. Got Five; Got Ten
  8. Watching Your Team Lose
  9. Stereotypes Of A Race
  10. First Week (Brunette In Jeans)
  11. Ain't No Thang (The TH)
  12. Orange Leaves
  13. Janet's Poetic Way
  14. Conversations With Distant Friends
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I think I've found my nitch as an artist. What I mean is that I've gotten to a point with rap where I'm extremely confident and comfortable with my writing and thought process. These last two and half years since I released any material have been hellacious and rewarding. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a year and a half ago and it was fucking devastating. It hit my family and I like a fucking tornado. Not only was it unexpected, it put things in perspective. You realize what's important in life and who's important in life. It was a never ending occurrence of doctors, misinformation,and daily visits to MD Anderson. On top of that my father had open heart surgery while we were dealing with breast cancer b.s. It was a nonstop year of becoming a hospital junkie without that ever being my intention.

I was in love with someone while all of this was occurring. To be honest it was the best relationship I had ever been in. She was everything I wanted from appearance, to personality, same university, etc. I loved just staying at home on a Saturday laying on her watching Netflix, or going to a new restaurant in Houston. I had never been with someone who made me feel all gushy about them consistently throughout a relationship. Yet with all the good times, the bad times were really magnified and eventually it led to a nasty break up. Now, I was fine with the reasoning for the end because those signs were clearly evident. But the way we broke up was nasty. I'd never been treated like dirt before nor have I ever had anyone come at me like that. It was heart breaking to me because my image of someone I thought I knew was tarnished and destroyed and I was being forced to accept the true nature of this person.

Like always I threw my pain into writing. That's all I do and pride myself on. As I have stated plenty of times before, I view rap in the same relation of art. Its an arena where I control the content and have a say in things for once. This why I think I've found my nitch. On this record I didn't care anymore. Didn't care how people will perceive the things that I say because its not for them. This is my therapy and as an artist I'm always going to be honest and talk about what's real. I can only present myself in the truest nature. I don't know how much more time I have left on Earth, but I would say that right now at twenty five this my most purest material I have ever conceived.


Written By: Matthew Reid Recorded: Nov. 2013 (The Domain Houston, TX); Sep. 2015- Mar. 2016 (360 Recording Studios)

Genre: Houston Rap, Alternative Rap

Label: PWE

Executive Produced By: Luis Morales

Audio Engineer: Jessica Garcia

Edited By: Matthew Reid, Jessica Garcia

Artwork: Matthew Reid July 23, 2015


For fans of:Beach House, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Black Marble, Blouse
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