All Out

All Out by McSween
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For fans of:Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Rait, Joni Mitchell, Sarah Groves
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  1. All Out
  2. Two Letters
  3. Wait A Minute
  4. Come The Summer
  5. Who Do You Know
  6. Lord Lord
  7. Big Cats
  8. Ocean City
  9. My Redeemer
  10. The Likes Of This One
  11. Freeze A Fire
  12. For A Lifetime
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McSween – Two For The Journey. Carolyn Gathman found herself recording at an early age releasing a debut album in 2000 entitled Another Hour. Little did she know that hundreds of miles away David McSween was simultaneous traveling the country playing in coffee shops and bars earning just enough to make it to his next gig. In 2002 they met for the first time on a roof top in Baltimore, MD where David was performing for a small group of friends. Brought together by the music they both love David and Carolyn exchanged wedding vows in July of 2003. Since then they have developed on the world’s stage as performers known simply as McSween. Two Voices – One Spirit Their shared experience as song-crafters and performing artists has given birth to an imaginative, captivating, and insightful musical experience. Their energy on stage and in the studio is contagious and their chemistry is unmistakable. “We have a lot of fun out there, Carolyn says, we’ve found that unlocking the real potential of our songs has everything to do with the fact that we’re kindred hearts.” The Dynamic Acoustic Duo McSween Both David and Carolyn are accomplished guitarists who generate a dynamic instrumental energy that backs their vocal performance – the two blend and perform perfectly together as a tight creative team.
On this album: Carolyn McSween – acoustic guitars and vocals David McSween – acoustic guitars and backing vocals Special “Thanks” To Our Studio Friends: Kim “Kimbo” Reichley – bass Joseph Paul Hauserman – keys & percussion Rick Buck – acoustic guitars (#4, #8) & electric guitars (#5, #7) Richard Rupert – electric guitars (#3, #7) Alison Rupert - backing vocals (#9)
For fans of:Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Rait, Joni Mitchell, Sarah Groves
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