Meg McRee

For fans of:The Civil Wars, Amanda Shires, Joseph, Alison Krauss

Hello world, Meg here. I'm from a place called Sugar Hill, GA but I currently live in Nashville, TN, where I am gettin' my edumacation at Vanderbilt and writin' songs. I have been a violinist since the age of 5, and picked up guitar and songwriting later on.

Sharing my music with the world is scary, risky, and beautiful. I do most of my own recording in my dorm room with my own equipment (so college, right?) with the exception of the Meg & Pete's Summer Sessions EP (shout out to Peter Gardner for his skillz and setup). Something I really value about music is rawness and authenticity, and I hope you will see that through my songs.

I hope you enjoy my songs and that they make you feel something. Whatever it is that you feel (love, joy, sadness, hatred, disgust, etc.), I'm glad you took the time to listen and I hope you will keep on doing it.

Much Love,