Metrofuze Records Presents

The House Singles Vol. One

The House Singles Vol. One by Metrofuze Records Presents
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For fans of:Richard Vission, DJ Bam Bam, DJ Exodus, DJ Tragic, Alex Peace
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  1. Superstar DJs
  2. So Hard To Find (House'O'Holics Remix)
  3. Deep Beneath The Ground
  4. Tamborilero (Last Minute Remix)
  5. I Can't Help Myself (DJ Intense 2000 Remix)
  6. Pornstar
  7. I Can't Help Myself (Thinking About You) (Nimex Remix)
  8. So Hard To Find (Bonded Remix)
  9. So Hard To Find (James BND Remix)
  10. So Hard To Find (Nimex Remix)
  11. So Hard To Find (Fuzelab Remix)
  12. Tamborilero (Intense Remix)
  13. Tamborilero (C & X Remix)
  14. The Tribe (2015 Remaster)

Complete 12" Singles Features a new remix by HOUSE'O'HOLICS and a new release by DJ INTENSE Features: FUZELAB and DJ INTENSE

Finally you can now get the US Hard Bangin' anthems, Progressive House grooves and other sought after 12" tracks that were originally released by Metrofuze Records on vinyl. Many of these records were quickly sold out and were never released in any form again until now. You can now get the bass pumpin', floor stompin' remixes by HOUSE'O'HOLICS, DJ INTENSE, JAMES BND, and others. This collection now delivers the hard to find FUZELAB tracks "SO HARD TO FIND" that now include a NEW REMIX by HOUSE'O'HOLICS". These are the full length 12" tracks. Perfect tools for any DJs arsenal. Track by Track info:

1. "Superstar DJs" by DJ Intense is a featured track on this collection. An anthem to all the great DJs that are blowing up the dance floors all around the world. 2. Fuzelab's EP "So Hard To Find" was never officially released but quickly became sought after due to the great remixes like this one by James BND. 3. "Deep Beneath The Ground" by DJ Intense was originally released on THE BETA EP. Check out the dark bass, ominous synths and hard kick on this floor killer. 4. Fuzelab's "Tamborilero" as remixed by HOUSE'O"HOLICS here is a definite floor stomper.

5. "I Can't Help Myself (DJ Intense Remix)" originally appeared on THE BIRTH EP. It is a remix of Silvia Diaz' song of the same name. 6. "Pornstar" by DJ Intense was originally released on DJ INTENSE's EP, THE BIRTH EP. Although the vinyl copies have long sold out, the demand for this track as well as this EP is still in demand. This EP was also licensed to CHR for release on vinyl in SPAIN. 7. Silvia Diaz's song "I Can't Help Myself" was the first song released by Metrofuze.Records. This is one of the Remixes by Nimex, who is made up of two producers, one of who is now a well known host on a local LA radio station. 8. "So Hard To Find (BONDed Remix)" is one of two great James BND remixes of the Fuzelab EP, SO HARD TO FIND

9. "So Hard To Find (James BND Remix)" the other great James BND remix of the Fuzelab EP SO HARD TO FIND. Just too much talent to have only one. 10. This is the Nimex Remix of Fuzelab's "So Hard To Find". Where were you when this track broke out? TJ? Rosarito?

11. The Fuzelab remix of "SO HARD TO FIND". Nice hard kick on this! Now that we have all these "So Hard To FInd" Remixes out perhaps we can now seize with the joke that "So Hard To Find" is really so hard to find. :) 12. Fuzelab's "Tamborilero" remixed by DJ INTENSE 13. Fuzelab's "Tamborilero" remixed by the dynamic duo, DJ Xavier and DJ Cooch.

14. "The Tribe" by Fuzelab is a track that originally appeared on the Beta EP. It made some noise in the country of Taiwan. Thanks for the support! Well there you have it. We hope you guys enjoy bangin' these great tracks as much as we enjoyed sharing them with you.

For fans of:Richard Vission, DJ Bam Bam, DJ Exodus, DJ Tragic, Alex Peace
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