Jesus Over Everything Vol.1

Jesus Over Everything Vol.1 by M.F.B.J.O.E.L.E.A
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For fans of:Thi'sl, Red Ink Army, Eshon Burgundy, Sevin, Humble Beast
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  1. 1. J.O.E. Remix.mp3
  2. 2.Rollin .mp3
  3. 3.Livin .mp3
  4. 4. Mr. Universe .mp3
  5. 5. The Tribe of Been-Jammin.mp3
  6. 6. Jesus Christ (Interlude) .mp3
  7. 7. Grey Area .mp3
  8. 8. Working For the Master. mp3.mp3
  9. 9. M.F.B.mp3
  10. 10. D.I.Y.G.G.mp3
  11. 11. Faith.mp3
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This is "J.O.E. Vol.1" the ministries collaborative mixtape that if Lord willin' we will be doing more volumes in the future!!!!Enjoy #JOE


Production: Malcolm "Malc-Diddy" Perrin, Sedrick Hall, and Corey Garrett...Guitar Solos by, Joey Cefalu of Kindred

Engineering: Corey Garrett

Mastering: Derrick "Big Gent" Gentry

Vocals: Amerhyst "Am-Diddy" Turner

Track Listing:

1. J.O.E. Remix (Sedrick Hall, Corey Garrett) 2. Rollin (Sedrick Hall, Corey Garrett)

3. Livin (Corey Garrett, Sedrick Hall)

4. Mr. Universe (Corey Garrett, Sedrick Hall, Amerhyst "AmDiddy" Turner)

5. The Tribe of Been-Jammin (Corey Garrett, Sedrick Hall)

6. Jesus Christ (Interlude) (Sedrick Hall, Corey Garrett)

7. Grey Area (Sedrick Hall, Corey Garrett)

8. Working For the Master (Sedrick Hall, Corey Garrett)

9. M.F.B. (Malcolm "Malc-Diddy" Perrin, Corey Garrett, Sedrick Hall)

10. D.I.Y.G.G. (Corey Garrett, Sedrick Hall)

11. Faith (Sedrick Hall, Corey Garrett ft. Louis Thomas and Tony Gambell)

For fans of:Thi'sl, Red Ink Army, Eshon Burgundy, Sevin, Humble Beast
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