Mika Miko

Daytrotter Session - Aug 21, 2011

Aug 21, 2011 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Mika Miko
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Johnson R. Cool
  3. Beat The Rush
  4. Blues Not Speed
  5. Turkey Sandwich
Sadly, it happens sometimes that a session gets unintentionally buried and shuffled around and we can't stay out ahead of band rumblings and dynamics and said band dies on the vine, just as they were beginning to see some good things happen to them. So is the case with Los Angeles band Mika Miko, a group that came of age and began catching steam as the Smell in L.A. was all the rage and groups like HEALTH and more were gaining notoriety in freaky and more standard music circles. The unwashed set was taking notice and the aggressive and agitated sounds of pissed off ladies and snarly guitars was ripping holes in jeans and tearing the elbows out of shirts. It was a wet and slobbery kiss that doubled as a bitch slap from a band of rough-around-the-edges artists just looking to stir it up as sweaty and as crazy as they possibly could. The band called it quits shortly after the completion of the tour during which this session was recorded in the summer of 2009 and it's here that we're able to hear one - if not the final recording the band ever made - showcasing the band's snottiness and its scruffiness at its rawest, in a live setting that it was best known for.