Mo Beatz

For fans of:J Dilla, Pete Rock, Flying Lotus, Common, Mos Def
Without a doubt,when you first hear a Mo Beatz track you could tell that the Nigerian born producer was born to make music that doesn't sound like what the average producer would do.Mo Beatz(born Marcus Oyagha)has an ear for unique and rare sounds which first started at an early age when his parents bought him his first boombox radio for excelling in school.In the beginning,Fela Kuti,Bob Marley,Stevie Wonder,Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones was a big influence but as a kid growing up in the 80's there was also no denying the sounds of urban R&B and Hiphop on the radio.Ironically,Mo Beatz learned the tricks of his music making trade in the 90's as a songwriter first but grew tired of depending on producers for instrumentals,prompting him to fully delve behind the boards.Shortly after this move,independent artists and up and coming rappers and singers began to take notice of his hip hop experimental sounds and quickly befriended him for beats.However,due to the lack of freedom,airplay,respect for the underground artists and their creativity,and the constant changes in the music industry,Mo Beatz decided to take a break from music and went on a little hiatus.During this time,he would listen to some of his favorite music and got inspired from instrumental albums by such artists as Jay Dilla and Madlib.Mo Beatz found gratitude in their art and began to feel the need to make music again which also began to change his approach from a producer to more of an instrumental artist."I love making music,it's a passion of mine"Mo Beatz shares."The money is secondary but the joy of making a song and having somebody else feel it is priceless.That's the validation."