Mons La Hire

For fans of:Radiohead, Built to Spill, Death Cab For Cutie, Wilco, Fictionist

Mons La Hire is an art rock band from Corvallis Oregon. That is to say, we dig indie and alternative rock and are also really into art. There are lots of ways to do art rock, so if you expected something different that's cool too.

Daniel and Suzanne Watkins (lead vocals / lead guitar / bass / backing vocals) have been playing music together for a few years, at least since around 2012. They initially bonded over a shared love of Cake and the Beatles at a bonfire at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes in southeast Idaho. After releasing an EP and an album under the name Mavis, and moving about 5 times, they landed in Corvallis and formed Mons La Hire by asking around for people who'd be willing to play the song Paranoid Android in a band.