Moore Brothers

Daytrotter Session - Jul 10, 2010

Jul 10, 2010 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Moore Brothers
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Old Lady
  3. Rap
  4. Got To Be There
  5. Waves Of Wonder
It's as if we enter into a world that's not cluttered with half-truths or watered down emotions, when we step into a Moore Brothers song. We're taken into a place that can be admired for its directness, albeit through very new means and in circuitous patterns that sometimes borrow the inclinations of the non-linear logic of a Lewis Carroll. It's pure cane sugar or sugar in the raw, giving us very little by way of potential miscommunication, unless we'd prefer more of a wild goose chase. The two brothers, Greg and Thom Moore - who now live in Grass Valley, California, take straight shots at getting the message across in their songs, a task that's easier said than done without letting the message limp and seem pedestrian. It's not to say that any of it is bland and hollow, but rather the contrary - with songs taking on different dimensions as the meanings aren't trying to shake us off the trail. The vast majority of what the Moore Brothers - with a Simon and Garfunkel/Mike Viola and the Candy Butchers way about their refreshing folk music - are trying to accomplish with their music is reach some kind of spot where there's no pollution of feeling. It's where a love can be a love and the general sentiment is that we're all just out here looking for the things that make us truly happy and the person that's going to be the greatest person to grow into a wrinkly, geriatric and prescription drug-taking arthritic person with. They sing, on "Old Lady," "Be my old lady/Crawling by your side/We'll get blueberry flames and we'll grow vampire eyes," leading us to believe that finding a mate really is something spiritual and that it might also involve a mild form of bloodlust, along with a new variety of fire that's as yet unknown. Though there's nothing to say that music ever has to be accessible, Moore Brothers music is just that, able to be appreciated by young and old, the quirky and those with much less of a sense of humor or a tendency for bits that are more loose and absurd at times.