Justin Morgan

For fans of:Memphis May Fire, Of Mice & Men, Bring Me The Horizon, Skillet , Linking Park

Hi, and welcome to my Noise Trade page. A quick bio about me is. Im a Preachers Kid from Orlando Fl, who loves Praise & Worship music but it has never quite done it for me, I guess there where no breakdowns so thats why I didn't like it LOL. After years of my Mother either trying to take my Metal CD's away and always getting on to me about all the rock music I was listing to, with lyrics that said nothing but vanity, I decided to write my own. My Goal is to Bring The Victory that is already ours in Christ Jesus into music that is so heavy, it will satisfy the breakdown hungry ears. To leave you encouraged instead of depressed, and to bring you closer to God without have to change your Rock Style. :) I also like to rap to.