Native Alfie

Stray Dog Secret

Stray Dog Secret by Native Alfie
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For fans of:Bob Marley, The Orange Sky, Dispatch, Kobotown, 311
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  1. 1. Stray Dog Secret.mp3
  2. 2. Meds.mp3
  3. 3. I Roam (...a vague rant).mp3
  4. 4. Forever (Nightmare in Cleveland).mp3
  5. 5. Hiding Inside.mp3
  6. 6. Strange Fruit (cover version).mp3
  7. 7. Midnight Robber.mp3
  8. 8. HEY!.mp3
  9. 9. the Great Race (the good, the bad and the hungry).mp3
  10. 10. Mosaic.mp3
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Native Alfie's 2014 debut release 'Stray Dog Secret' is a Jammin' blend of Alternative-Rock with a deliciously Marley-esque 'skanked-out' vibe. Hailing from the Tropical twin isle of Trinidad & Tobago... the island influence is ever present here, but this is definitely not a Caribbean Reggae album. Call it Hybrid-Indie-Roots-Rock...(call it whatever you'd like)... but Native Alfie's free rolling flow and vibe will have your head and shoulders bumpin' to the music, as soon as you get past...well...the dogs!(...inside joke)

Lyrically, Stray Dog is is loaded with the wit, humor, imagery and colloquialism of West Indian Lingo... but touches on relevant issues like crime, addiction, corruption and the plight of the homeless. Both lyrically and musically the words of it's writer... these songs felt more stumbled upon... or discovered...than deliberate, a thought reflected in the deceptively mellow 'Hiding Inside'... ..."500 million yrs ago/ someone wrote a song/ it was singing itself in silence/ hiding in the chords there all along."

This independent, home grown release is a gift to any melody-lover seeking unique, hidden musical gems...

Please enjoy this first humble offering from the Native Anonymous- Lo-Fi- Independent- Experiment.

For fans of:Bob Marley, The Orange Sky, Dispatch, Kobotown, 311
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