Daytrotter Session - Aug 13, 2012

Aug 13, 2012 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Natureboy
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Head To Toe
  3. Blow To The Head
  4. Heart To Fool
  5. Don't Worry
The slow walk through a night, we typically sleep off. It doesn't mean that we should just let it go like that though. It would be better if we could experience it all. It would be better if we could just keep going, through every day and every night without needing to rest. It would be interesting to feel the full weight of exhaustion, the entirety of everything - the sense that you're never missing anything. You could just go wherever you wanted to go, to move toward the pockets of awake folks, doing whatever they do when everyone else is sleeping, gravitating to activity, to the bright white lights bolted onto the stationary wood posts. We could be drawn to the sounds that come thrumming out of the trees, out of the black holes of an evening, the parts of a night that look like pits, drop offs straight into the depths, where we lose things, where we're drawn.

The music that long-time collaborators Sara Kermanshahi and Cedar Apffel make together as Natureboy, drops us off in one of these situations, where we feel the weakened legs of too many hours pounding on them and we feel as if our eyes are resilient and optimistic, like they know that something is coming if we can just keep going a little while longer, if they can just keep moving.

The music from the now-Brooklyn, NY-based band is heavy on atmospherics, drenched in the dew as it's just setting itself down onto leaves, not as it's burning off. It's when it's freshest, coolest and exploratory. Kermanshahi and Apffel offer their versions of the shuffling, woodsy waltz that seems to be leading to something either extraordinary, or something that might just get mumbled or whispered into the crisp, distant air.