Prisoners of Adventure

Prisoners of Adventure by nedped
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For fans of:David Crosby, Paul Simon, Gordon Lightfoot, The Beatles, The Who
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  1. Way Baby.mp3
  2. Born in California.mp3
  3. Bad-Luck Habit.mp3
  4. Out of the Rain.mp3
  5. SNAFU.mp3
  6. Tunnelvision.mp3
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25 tracks: running time app. 80 minutes

Solo songwriter project, achieved by multi-tracking/overdubbing of singing, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, keys, piano, percussion and various synthetics.

Lyrics are deceptively deep, seemingly important but probably not. Wry whimsy devoid of traditional elements of storytelling. Sonic constructs take precedence over articulation while wordplay abounds at the expense of serious discourse. The lyrics exist to serve the music, until they go off and do stuff on their own.

The music here should appeal to those with a sense of diatonic scale and appetite for harmonic tension. That audience who is at all tone deaf or for other reason attracted to chanting, primal screaming, monotonous melody or clever beat-making can do itself a favor by running for the hills.

The home-studio methods employed yield some interesting results but do not approach the cohesive power, gleaming shine or silky touch achievable by today's pro-studio production standards.

Musical arrangements are on the busy side, with parts emerging as strands that sometimes compete for attention instead of cooperating in service to a focal shape. If that fails to make perfect sense, then you are beginning to get the picture.

--- nedped

For fans of:David Crosby, Paul Simon, Gordon Lightfoot, The Beatles, The Who
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