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Tucked in Tight - Lullabies With the Saints

Tucked in Tight - Lullabies With the Saints by NorthEastStreet Studio
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For fans of:Lullabies, Traditional Folk/Bluegrass, Miscellaneous
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  1. On Cranberry Lane
  2. God Moves in a Mysterious Way
  3. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
  4. Nearer My God to Thee
  5. My Grace is Sufficient For You
  6. Baby
  7. Are You There
  8. Fairest Lord Jesus
  9. Old King Cole
  10. At My Side
  11. What Wondrous Love is This
  12. Why Are You in Despair
  13. This is My Fathers World
  14. Soothe Hearts
  15. Beautiful to My Heart
Tip the Artist $10 Suggested Tip

"Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ" - Galatians 6:2

Our church has been immensely blessed with two young pastors who carry this call daily, whether externally caring for our needs or internally interceding with many petitions on our behalf. Their families are a testimony of God's love & kindness. However, this past year has been an extremely trying year for both families, in that each have brought into the world children with severe medical conditions.

Little Jackson Vann was born last September with a heart defect caused by Fetal Maternal Hemorrhage. After an Emergency C-Section, he was not breathing at birth, and compounding with severe anemia, this caused other organ damage, including the brain. As he was life-flighted to St. Louis, the on-board nurses had little hope we would even survive the trip. Yet 7 months later, Jackson is a growing, adorable young angel. Please check out the Vann's blog Our Pal Jackson ( for more detail on their continuing story.

A couple months later, Oliver Holthaus arrived into this world in a somewhat less dramatic fashion ;). However, from genetic markers, there was a 50% chance he would have hemophilia, a condition in which blood does not clot properly. Tests soon confirmed that Oliver indeed has type A hemophilia, also known as "Severe Hemophilia A", which as the name suggests is the most severe form. Oliver will for the rest of his life have to receive extremely costly injections that will help his blood to clot, in addition to almost certainly having many many trips to the ER.

Despite these trials, the Vann's & Holthaus's have shown incredible unwavering faith & strength. So we at Lake Road Chapel wanted to do something that would not only minister to them, but also to the little ones who themselves are suffering through their conditions. This lullaby CD is the fruition of that. However, these trials have not only been trying emotionally & physically, but also financially...So we are asking you to share in their burdens as well and help them out by donating and getting some soothing tunes in the process!


Thanks to the many musicians who devoted their time & craft into making this album! They are (in track order): Tim Cason, Rachel Vann, Stephen & Abigail Gates, Katie, Annalee, & Jamie Dohman, Wes & Jill Belling, Melissa DeBruin (Yakes), Danielle Winton, Melissa Thompson, Daniel Thompson, Sean & Ciara Jacob & Elizabeth Christophel.

Also special thanks goes to Rebekah Ely for designing the artwork!

For fans of:Lullabies, Traditional Folk/Bluegrass, Miscellaneous
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