Nicole Wells

For fans of:Amy Grant, Norah Jones, Katie Herzig, Brandon Heath, Chris Rice
When I was nine years old, I dreamt of one thing - writing songs like the ones I was awakened by in the morning. My Dad would put a vinyl Amy Grant record on our stereo and turn it up loud enough to filter through the stairwell and into our bedrooms to awaken my sisters and I. During adolescence, all I spent my time doing when my dreaded math homework was finally done, was write lyrics and set them to the piano, expressing what was important to a twelve to seventeen year old pastor’s daughter – like friends you can trust, crying to Jesus, and boys. Almost thirty years later, raising two sons, I still write what it means to me to trust, to heal, to be inspired -- trying to ask "what if" with a positive wonder instead of "what if" with fear of the unknown. So nothing has really changed from that young girl, except that now I've lived enough seasons to truly know what I'm writing about. Maybe your stories intersect with my stories and we can share a connection through music.