Noah Vella

Like We Used To

Like We Used To by Noah Vella
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For fans of:The 1975, Valley, The Band CAMINO, Bleachers, Owl City
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  1. Like We Used To
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Like We Used To is a song about nostalgia. Not the comfortable kind, but rather the kind that makes you reminisce for a moment but then leaves you with the cold realization that things are not the way they once were. I wrote this song about longing for a feeling, longing for a closeness, longing for faith, longing for clarity — all things that felt trapped in the past. 

The first draft of this song was finished in January 2019, but as a year passed, the song became about more than just longing to be in the state I was before. Faces and places began to take a spot in what I felt when I read the lyrics back to myself. Friends, loves, homes away from home that had slipped through my fingers like sand on the shore of the season I’m in right now — their absence rang true.

And though it sounds cheesy, I’ve been moved by how many people have resonated with what I’m going through. The song is more than mine now. And there’s the final word — the light at the end of the tunnel — the major chord that resolves; there’s the hope in all this pain: we are not alone after all.

- NV


Produced, Written and Performed by Noah Vella

For fans of:The 1975, Valley, The Band CAMINO, Bleachers, Owl City
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