Be Only You

For fans of:TLC, Xscape, Total, Erykah Badu

B.O.Y, which stands for Be Only You, is an all girl trio that seamlessly bridges the sounds of Soul, Rap, and R&B into an amazingly entertaining ensemble.


Also known as WILDBOY. She’s very determined and eager to get to the top! She brings such a happy spirit into the group. Her talented upbringing makes her very vocal and very energetic! She also hopes to pursue acting in the near future. Her favorite color is pink and she loves taking selfies. Her amazing ability to get the crowd going and crazy rhymes is what makes her an amazing part of Be Only You.


who goes by B BOY of the group is a singer and songwriter, she wants to become an entrepreneur and also has a passion for modeling. B.BOY studied theater in school so when it’s time to hit the stage she is the sure show-stopper. What makes B.BOY an important part of this group is her ability to make people feel her through her music & not to mention drawing in her audience through her sassy personality and quick wit.


Also known as RUDEBOY is an amazing singer-songwriter and her roots stem from singing in the church. Her ability to get people up engaged in their showmanship is awesome! She also plays the drums and has a huge passion for makeup. Her soulful vibrato and seasoned vocals brings such a powerhouse feel to this group.