One Finite Monkey

Ten Days Ten Psalms

Ten Days Ten Psalms by One Finite Monkey
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For fans of:Neil Young, Beck, Tom Waits, Violent Femmes, Jerry Garcia
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  1. Blessed is the Man (Psalm 1)
  2. Odds Stacked Against Me (Psalm 3)
  3. What are We (Psalm 8)
  4. I Will Give Thanks (Psalm 9)
  5. I Shall Not Want (Psalm 23)
  6. Be Still (Psalm 46)
  7. You Shall Be Blessed (Psalm 128)
  8. Out of the Depths (Psalm 130)
  9. Wings of the Morning (Psalm 139)
  10. Praise the Lord (Psalm 148)
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In November of 2014, I challenged myself to each day, for ten days, meditate upon one of the Psalms and, by the end of the day, compose a song based on that Psalm. That year, I joined my family for Christmas in the Pacific Northwest. During that visit, one of my cousins got married; I played the processional. During that visit, one of my uncles attempted suicide and nearly succeeded; I was in the room as his siblings and spouse made the painful decision to take him off life support. I found myself turning to these songs as a way to give words to the weird mix joys and the sorrows of that time. During subsequent months, I was encouraged to record “real” versions of these songs which could be shared with people. When I next returned to the US, I was able to borrow some gear and space from a friend to make these recordings. I recorded nearly the entire album in about four hours. Almost everything is one take. Are the recordings perfect? Of course not. In fact, if you can do a better version, I’d love to hear it. I hope there are people out there who will find their own stories in these songs, that they might get you through the joys and sorrows of your own life. You can perform them if you want. Record your own versions. Make music videos. Post a link to the One Finite Monkey Facebook page! Merry Christmas.


Instruments heard on Psalms include ramkie (a four-string guitar from South Africa), acoustic bass, harmonica, bass ukulele, djembe, and segorogoro (a friction bow found throughout southern Africa; mine was made in the Okavango Delta area of Botswana, near where I live).

For fans of:Neil Young, Beck, Tom Waits, Violent Femmes, Jerry Garcia
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